Frank Joris Frank Joris
4th Year Geophysics
Honours Specialization
322 Caradoc St. N.
Strathroy Ontario,  N7G 2N2
(226) 927-7591

"Frank is a highly motivated, mature and articulate young man, with a range of interests and a curious mind. I have been greatly impressed by Frank's willingness to take tasks given to him further than required, and to really put thought and ingenuity into the way he approaches things."

Gail M. Atkinson
Canada Research Chair in Earthquake Hazards and Ground Motion

Work Highlights

Industry and research
Airborne and offshore surveys
Leadership roles
Client relations

Education Highlights

P.Geo. knowledge requirements fulfilled
S-IMEW Alumni
Ground surveys
Leadership roles
Dean's Honor List recipient

Geosciences Work Experience

Assistant Scientist
GEOMAR | Helmholtz-Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel
2014 Winter
2013 Summer

Black Sea
  • determine geophysical characteristics and model response for seafloor mineral deposits
  • determine ability to detect targets with available equipment
  • present findings to international clientele
  • test, assemble and deploy 3D CSEM seafloor survey receivers
  • deploy and operate transmitter
Sander Geophysics Limited
Ottawa, Ontario

  • plan flight paths, create drapes, process data and construct maps
  • deploy and calibrate survey equipment and perform quality control on collected data
Geophysical Field Techniques, Class
2010 Autumn
Admaston, Ontario
Calabogie, Ontario
  • design and carry out surveys appropriate to survey location conditions and target characteristics
Field Assistant
Western Univeristy Canada, Department of Earth Science
2009 Summer
Sudbury, Ontario
  • manage DGPS database device, collect samples, identify and measure structural features and fabrics in outcrops

Other Work Experience

John and David Baer Inc. (construction and renovation)
Glencoe, Ontario
  • consult on projects, manage on-site customer relations and supervise job sites


Bachelor of Science, Honors Specialization in Geophysics
Western Univeristy Canada (University of Western Ontario)
London, Ontario
  • participated in the Science Internship Program (16 month)
  • National Science and Engineering Research of Canada (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA) recipient
  • Dean's Honor List recipient
  • KEGS Foundation Scholarship recipient
  • knowledge requirements for professional registration completed
Student-Industry Mineral Exploration Workshop (S-IMEW) Alumni
Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC)
Sudbury, Ontario
Timmins, Ontario
Val-d'Or, Quebec
  • one of 26 students selected from across Canada to attend
  • topics for 2 week workshop include: regulatory requirements, mineral economics, flow-through shares, mapping techniques, geophysics, geochemistry, health and safety and corporate social responsibility, smelter and mine operations

Extra Cirricular

Logan Student Chapter Representative
Geological Association of Canada
  • create a GAC Student Chapter at Western Univeristy Canada
  • arrange a guest speaker and submit the proposal for funding
  • member of the Outcrop Club Council (undergraduate geology club)
Equipment Manager/Outdoor Education Executive

Western Outdoors Club (Western Univeristy Canada)
  • authorize all expenditures and proposals, lead executive and general meetings
  • inventory and loan equipment, make purchases, arrange repairs and retire old gear
  • plan and lead trips and activities

Additional Languages

French - limited working proficiency
Spanish and German - elementary proficiency


Offshore resources, everything outdoors, construction, blacksmithing and travel

Student Member Affiliations

GAC – Geological Association of Canada
CGU – Canadian Geophysical Union
SEG – Society of Exploration Geophysicists
KEGS – Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society
PDAC – Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada