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Letter of Recommendation for Frank Joris
Feb. 3, 2012

I highly recommend Frank Joris for a scholarship from the Society of Exploration Geophysics. Frank was a top student in both of the geophysics courses I teach – a second year course in Data Analysis and a fourth year course in Applied Seismology. I found Frank to be one of those rare students that makes teaching so rewarding, as he consistently exceeded expectations, and produced truly interesting work. Frank is a highly motivated, mature and articulate young man, with a range of interests and a curious mind. I have been greatly impressed by Frank’s willingness to take tasks given to him further than required, and to really put thought and ingenuity into the way he approaches things. I also admire Frank’s creativity, which he uses effectively to explore each topic he approaches in novel ways. I am always wondering what he will think of next! This to me suggests great promise for an exciting and vibrant career path in geosciences. Frank is also an excellent communicator, both in oral and written work. Furthermore, he is an accomplished team player, and a pleasure to be around. In short, Frank is an extremely promising scientist, and I recommend him for a SEG scholarship in the highest possible terms.

Yours truly,
Signiture of Gail M. Atkinson
Gail M. Atkinson
Professor of Earth Sciences
Canada Research Chair in Earthquake Hazards and Ground Motion